Almost a year ago we launched the Spellbound & Spindles Kickstarter.  I can now announce the table of contents for the two anthologies of fairy tales retold to be more diverse.  This was the most involved, largest project I’ve ever undertaken.  I really love the stories and poetry.  I hope everyone else will, too.  I’ll post a final write up of the fiction submissions log soon. 

Spellbound Table of Contents


Jacinta and the Cornstalk by Kari Castor
The Boi Who Drew Cats by Jay Wilburn
Black River, Blue Sky by Pamela Love
The Frog and the Condor by Christina Tesoro
The Four Skilled Sisters by EM Beck
The Key by Alex Townsend
Veruska and the Lúdvérc by Bogi Takács


What you need to know about fairy godmothers by Laurel Klein
Mirror Image by Beth Rodriguez
Counting by Jennifer Moser Jurling
The Coquí Captain by Beatriz Fernandez
After the Nettles by Sara Cleto
Vasilisa the Beautiful by Sharon Fedor

With artwork by Jane Baker, Paul Davey, Melanie Gillman, Charli Gunn, Tory Hoke, Susan Knowles, Nilah Magruder, Marta Milczarek, Audrey Roche & Steve Wood.

Spindles Table of Contents


Clay and Holy Words by Tabitha Joy
Queenie the Beautiful and her Magical Doll by Szmeralda Shanel
The Death of Koschei the Deathless by Cheresse Burke
Queens and Favors by A. L. Thomas
The Little Mermaid of the Lakshadweep Sea by Alix Heintzman
Dionisia and the Sea-Serpent by Joanna Hoyt
The Four Sisters by Kitty-Lydia Dye
The One-Handed Girl: A Retelling of a Swahili Fairy Tale by Sarah Livesey
The Brahman and the Onion by Priya Sridhar
Hosh Nizhóní, The Cactus Rose by P. Anthony Ramanauskas
Beautiful Beneath the Sun by Asia Nichols


Fairy godmother to deaf Cinderella by Verity Fisher
Remembering, or The Little Merman by Jonathan J Wlodarski
Fairest by Jillian Schmidt
The Snow Girl by Rachel Smith
Kiwi, Takahe, and Moa by E.A. Fow
Snared by Laurel Klein

With artwork by Jesse Cordes, Jeff Delierre, Michael Ellis, Lorinda Loucks, Christine Mitzuk, Rebecca Palmer, Rhiannon Rassmussen-Silverstein, Anne Rosario, Matthew Spencer, Heather Uebel, Chris Walker & Steve Wood.

Reblogging this to announce that preorders are now open.  Hardcovers are limited, but there is an ePub option.  

Spellbound is $16 for hardcover or $5 for ePub

Spindles is $20 for hardcover or $7 for ePub

Click here for ordering information.

Hello all!
I’m doing an illustration for Spindles! Pre-orders are open for this wonderful anthology of retold fairytales!